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  • 3080V /800MM

Variable Speed 12 X 32 Metal Bench Lathe

This model of MM-TU3008V is the Variable Speed Version 12" X 32" inch Lead Screw Metal Mini Lathe with Digital Speed Display on the headstock which is been made in ISO9001 factory from MAXNOVO MACHINE with CE Safety Certification. The Max. Swing over Bed is Ø 300 mm, Distance between Centers is 800 mm, MT5 Spindle Taper, MT3 Tailstock Taper, Big Spindle Hole is Ø 36 mm, powerful output 1500W brushless motor, Feed Gear rounded toothed wheels and Lead Screw runs on Two Porous Bearing to make this metal lathe particularly smooth running. It has electronic Variable Speed Spindle Control which allows you to change spindle speeds with the simple turn of a dial while the lathe machine is still running. Quality at a cost-efficient price and this metal lathe machine is for demanding users. Customers will be proud to have such kind of metal lathes. 
Main Feature :  
Convincing arguments : quality, effective and price
-  Variable Speed with 1500W powerful brushless motor
-  Digital Speed Readout
-  Max. Swing Over Bed is Ø 300 mm and Distance Between Centers is 800 mm
-  MT5 Spindle Taper, MT3 Tailstock Taper, Spindle Hole Ø 36 mm, 1500W brushless powerful motor
-  Precise Manufacturing
-  Powerful, maintenance free motor
-  Big spindle drill 38mm (diameter)
-  Electronically adjustable speed
-  Heavily ribbed prism bed made of grey cast iron, inductively hardened and precision ground
-  Hardened and ground bed guide-ways
-  Guaranteed true running accuracy of spindle nose of better than 0.009mm
-  True running accuracy of the lathe chuck better than 0.04 mm
-  Digital Speed Readout and Centre lathe cover
-  Right-/Left-Handed rotation switchable on the control panel
-  With leading spindle for threading or automatic longitudinal turning
-  Leading spindle run on two porous bearings
-  Cover for leading spindle and feed rod
-  Automatic Longitudinal / Cross Feed
-  Certificate of Original (CO, FORM A, FORM E, FORM F )
-  Hand-wheels on the slide with adjustable precision scaling for 0.04/0.01 mm
-  Change gear kit for threading cutting and Trust bearing
-  Emergency-stop push button and low-voltage release
-  Prepared for measuring system axes
-  Acceptance certificate 
Technical Data :   

Product  Name : Variable Speed 1232V inch Lead Screw Bench Lathe
Machine  Data
Max. Swing Over Bed : Ø 300 mm
Distance Between Centers :  800 mm
Centre  Height : 150 mm
Bed  Width :  180 mm
Spindle  Taper :  MT 5
Spindle  Hole : Ø 36 mm  ( big spindle hole )
Spindle  Seat : Camlock DIN ISO 702-2 NO.4
Quadruple Tool Holder Height : 25 mm
Speed  Range
Spindle  Speed : 30 – 3000 RPM
Number Of Steps : 5 Steps, Electrically Adjustable Speed
Tailstock Taper : MT 3
Tailstock - Sleeve Travel : 70 mm
Travel Top Slide : 65 mm
Travel Cross Slide : 150 mm
Feeds and Thread Pitches
Longitudinal Feed in the Range of : 0.085 – 0.832 mm/rev
Cross Feed in the Range of : 0.01 – 0.1 mm/rev
Pitch-Metric in the Range of : 0.2 – 3.5 mm
Pitch-Inch in the Range of : 8 – 56 TPI
Electrical Connection
Connecting Voltage : Single Phase 230V or 110V
Frequency : 50 HZ or 60 HZ
Main Motor  : 1500W Powerful Brushless motor
Gross Weight : 280 KGS
Packing Size : 1500 X 720 X 700 mm 
Standard  Accessory : Three Jaw Chuck Ø 160 mm
Fixed Center MT5 and MT3
Splash Board and Chip Tray
Complete Metal Change Gears
Quadruple Tool Holder
Tools and Tool Box


• Overrunning clutch
• Hardened bed way
• High power with large cutting capacity
• Auto feeding on both X, Y axis
• Cutting all thread pitchs only adjust the gear box handles, no more need changing gears

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