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roduct Description

BJ series gap-bed lathes can perform internal and external turning, taper turning, end facing, and other rotary parts turning; Threading Inch, Metric, Module and D.P.; Perform drilling, boring and groove broaching; Machine all kinds of flat stocks and those in irregular shapes; Respectively with through-hole spindle bore, that can hold bar stocks in larger diameters; Both Inch and Metric system are used on these series lathes, it's easy for people from different measuring systems countries; There are hand brake and foot brake for users to choose; These series lathes operate on power supply of different voltages (220V,380V,420V) and different frequencies (50Hz,60Hz).
Capacity Max. swing dia. over bed mm φ410 φ458
Max. swing dia. over toolpost mm φ240 φ288
Max. turning dia. over bed mm φ380
Max. swing dia. in gap mm φ595 φ640
Length in gap mm 155
Max. distance between centers mm 750/1000/1500
Max. machining length mm 650/900/1400
Spindle Spindle bore diameter mm φ52 φ52; D/B:φ77
Taper of spindle bore
Morse No.6 D/B series:1:20
Type of spindle nose
ISO 702/II No.6 Cam-locking type
D/B:ISO 702/II No.8 Cam-locking type
Spindle speed r/min 8 steps 80-2000;
GD series: 12 steps 32-2000
D/B series: 12 steps 24-1600
Feed and thread Max. travel of upper toolpost mm 120
Max. travel of lower toolpost mm 230
Tool section mm 25×25
X-axis feeding range mm/r 40 kinds 0.015-0.45
Z-axis feeding range mm/r 40 kinds 0.03-0.90
Metric threads mm 53 kinds 0.4-14
Inch threads t.p.i 40 kinds 2-56
Module threads πmm 44 kinds 0.4-7
Diametric pitch threads t.p.i.π 32 kinds 4-56
Tailstock Diameter of quill mm φ55
Max. travel of quill mm 120
Taper of quill (Morse)
Morse No.4
Motor Main motor power kW 4
Cooling pump motor power kW 0.09
Others Length mm 2000/2250/2750
Width mm 980
Height mm 1210
Weight kg 1450/1700/1950 1500/1750/2000

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