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BS128HDRC 400V Band Saw(With Coolant )
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BS128HDRC 400V Band Saw(With Coolant )

  • BS128HDRC 400V Band Saw WITH COOLANT

Machine description

BS 128HDRC band saw for metal with optimal cutting range, designed for professional craftsmen, distinguished by efficiency and easy handling. Arm swivelling in both directions is a very big advantage in angled cutting. Despite small dimensions, its big weight (103 kg) makes it very stable and vibration-free during cutting larger materials. Element cut can be fed manually or via feeding machines. Feed during cutting is gravitational, with oil flow in a two-chamber hydraulic cylinder. Arm lowering control is ensured by a valve controlling oil flow between chambers of cylinder. Straight cut is achieved by a set of bearings guiding the band. Machines are equipped with a limiting switch and ON/OFF switch compliant with IP54. Swivelling saw frame for double bevelling within -45o - + 60o. 

Technical data

Cutting band size1640×13×0.65 mm
Cutting speed23/34/54 m/min
Power0,55 kW/400V
Arm lowering controlstepless, through hydraulic cylinder
Cutting range-45° - + 60°
Dimensions942×442×548 mm
Weight103 kg

 Maximum cutting range [mm]

ø125 mm100×150 mm100×100 mm
-45ø90 mm90×75 mm90×90 mm
+45°ø90 mm90×75 mm90×90 mm
+60°ø55 mm55×55 mm55×55 mm

Default equipment

  • 3rd generation hydraulic cylinder

  • Table for vertical cuts

  • Quick-clamping vice

  • Coolant system

  • Workpiece limiter - bumper

  • Automatic limiting switches

  • Modern thermal engine protection

  • Mobile base with four wheels

  • User manual

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