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The guide ways and all gears in the headstock are hardened and precision ground
The spindle system is high in rigidity and accuracy.
The machines have powerful headstock gear train, high rotating accuracy and smooth running with low noise.
An overload safety device is provided on the apron.
Has a pedal or an electromagnetic braking device.

C6136 ZK
C6236 ZK
C6140 ZK
C6240 ZK
C6146 ZK
C6246 ZK
Max. swing over bed mm Φ 350 Φ 360 Φ 400 Φ 460
Max. swing over carriage mm Φ 185 Φ 195 Φ 255 Φ 275
* Max. swing over gap mm Φ 520 Φ 530 Φ 570 Φ 630

*Max. length of work piece(two centers)
mm 750; 1000 750; 1000; 1500

*Effective length of gap
mm 200

Spindle bore
mm Φ 40 or Φ 52 Φ 52(2" )

Spindle taper of bore

M. T. No. 5 or M. T. No. 6 M. T. No. 6

Number of speeds


Range of speeds
rpm 42~1800
Thread cutting   for Metric pitch threads Range/No. 0.5~20mm/24
Thread cutting   for Whit-worth pitch threads Range/No. 72~1.5/8 t. p. i/61
Thread cutting for Module  threads Range/No. 96~3.1/4D/45
Thread cutting for D. P. threads Range/No. 0.25-10 M. P/20
Range of feeds for longitudinal mm 0.04-2.46(0.0015" -0.0913" )
Range of feeds for cross mm 0.03-1.23(0.0006" -0.0365" )
Tailstock sleeve dia. mm Φ 60
Tailstock taper of bore mm M. T. No. 4
Tailstock sleeve max.   travel mm 120
Max. travel of compound rest mm 100
Max. cross slide travel mm 210 240
Max. size of tool shank(WxH) mm 20× 20
Power of main motor kw 3/4 4/5.5

Overall dimensions(L× W× H)
mm 2140(2300, 2860)× 1000× 1200

Net weight
kg 1600; 1680; 1840
*1680; 1760; 1920
1650; 1730; 1890
*1730; 1810; 1970
1700; 1780; 1940
*1780; 1860; 2020
Note: The items with " *" are only for 62series lathes. The standard spindle hole for C6132ZK and C6136ZK is Φ 40mm, but an optional bigger one Φ 52mmis available.

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