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Product Description

1. Bed Precision ground 
2. CE-conformity Electromagnetic brake can be amounted. 
3. Safety torque limiting device for lead screw. 
4. Safety overload clutch for feedrod. 
5. Rapid traverse(optional). 
6. Main spindle supported at 2 points wuth precision taper roller bearings.

Main specifications
CJ6236B CJ6240B CJ6245B CJ6250B CJ6260B
CAPACITIES Max.swing over bed 360mm(14″) 400mm(16″) 450mm(18″) 500mm(20″) 600mm(24″)
Max.swing over Cross side 185mm(7 1 /4″) 225mm(9″) 285mm(11 1 /5″) 325mm(13″) 360mm(14″)
Center distance 1000,1500,2000mm
Max.swing over gap 490mm(20″) 530mm(21″) 580mm(23″) 630mm(25″) 730mm(29″)
Effective length of gap 260mm(10 1 /4″)
Bed width 330mm(13″)
HEADSTOCK Spindle hole 65mm(2 3 /5″)
Spindle nose ISO-C6 or ISO-D6
Spindle taper Metric 70mm
Spindle speeds(Number) 22-1800rpm(15 steps)
FEEDS Metric threads range(Kinds) 0.5-28mm(66 kinds)
Inch threads range(Kinds) 1-56 inch(66 kinds)
Moudle threads range(Kinds) 0.5-3.5mm(33 kinds)
Diametral threads range(Kinds) 8-56D.P(33 kinds)
Longitudinal feeds range 0.072-4.038mm/rev(0.0027-0.15inch/rev)(66 kinds)

Cross feeds range 0.036-2.019mm/rev(0.0013-0.075inch/rev)(66 kinds)

rapid traveliing speed of carriage 5m/min(16.4ft/min)
CARRIACGE Leadscrew size:Diameter pitch 35mm/6mm or 35mm/1/4″
Cross side travel 300mm(13″)
Compound rest travel 130mm(5″)
TAILSTOCK Cross-section size of toolshank 20*20mm 25*20mm/(1*6/8inch) 25*25
Taper of tailstock sleeve Morse No.5
Diameter of tailstock sleeve 65mm(2 1 /2″)
MOTOR Travel of tailstock sleeve 120mm(4 3/ 4″)
Main drive motor 4.0kw or 5.5kw or 7.5kw 7.5kw
Coolant pump motor 0.125kw

Rapid traverse motor 0.12kw
Center distance:     1000mm 2420*1150*1800mm(96*46*71in.)
1500mm 2920*1150*1800mm(115*46*71in.)
2000mm 3460*1150*1800mm(137*46*71in.)

Net weight/Gross Weight(kgs)

Center distance:    1000mm 1520/2170kg 1560/2210kg 1580/2230kg 1600/2250kg 1640/2290kg
1500mm 1750kg/2390kg 1770/2410kg 1820/2460kg 1830/2470kg 1870/2530kg
2010/2780kg 2050/2800kg 2070/2820kg 2130/2860kg

1.3-jaw chunck 250mm
1.Steady rest 6.longitudinal automatic trip
2.Driving plate
2.Follower rest 7.Live center
3.Center¢er sleeve
3.4-jaw chuck 320mm 8.Quick change toolpost
4.Face plate 9.Taper copy ruller
5.Oil gun
5.Thread dial 10.4-position longitudinal automatic trip
6.Operation manual

1.10 3 jaw chuck 1.Chuck guard & Leadscrew cover
2.12 4 jaw chuck 2.Collet attachment 
3.Face plate  3.Taper attachment 
4.Morse reduction sleeve M.T.No.7/5 4.10 drive plate
5.Centers M.T.No.4,M.T.No.5  5.Digital readout device  
6. Wrenches  6.Quick change tool post
7.Steady rest 
8.Follow rest
9.Four way tool post

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