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Product Description

1. The guide surface hardended by super-frequency and precision ground. 
2. All gears hardended≺ision ground 
3. Spindle with high rigitidy and accuracy. 
4. Rapid feed structure in apron. 
5. Adopt clutch system in headstock.
Model NO. CJ6250YC CJ6266YC CJ6280YC
Max.swing over bed Φ500mm(20″) Φ660mm(26″) Φ800mm(31″)
Max.swing over carriage Φ300mm(12″) Φ420mm(17″) Φ560mm(22″)
Max.swing in gap Φ710mm(28″) Φ870mm(34″) Φ1010mm(40″)
Max.length of workpiece 1000/1500/2000/2500/3000/4000mm
Effective length of gap 230mm
Bed width 405mm
Spindle bore Φ105mm(D8/D11)
Spindle taper of bore 113(1.2)
Spindle number of speeds 12 STEPS  16STEPS
Spindle range of speeds 30-1600/13-1400rpm
Threads metric pitches 1-14mm/22
Threads imperial pitches 28-2TPI/26
Threads diametral pitches 56-4DP/24
Threads module pitches 0.5-7mm/18
Range of feeds longitudinal 0.063-2.52mm(0.023″-0.937″)
Range of feeds cross 0.027-1.07mm(0.011″-0.404″)
External diameter of the tailstock quill Φ75mm
Max.traverse of the tailstock quill 150
Ouill taper No.5(morse)
Max.travel of compound rest 145mm
Max.Cross side travel 360mm
Max.size of tool shank(W*H) 25*25
Power of the main motor 7.5kw
Overall dimension(L*W*H) (2700/3200/3700/4200/4700/5700)*1150*1800mm

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