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CNC Technology iKC6 Lathe
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CNC Technology iKC6 Lathe

  • CNC Technology iKC6 Lathe

  • Precision CNC lathe for education sector and advanced model engineering
  • 8 Automatic Tool Changes (ATC)
  • Slant bed with protective cover
  • Ultra high precision linear rails
  • PC based CNC system
  • Distance between centres 400mm
  • Maximum spindle speed 3000rpm
  • Positional accuracy 0.005mm
  • Repeatable positional accuracy 0.005mm

The iKC6 CNC lathe is a high precision machine, completely integrated in its own cabinet/floor stand. Ideally suited for education and training, precision machining or small component production. It has an 8 Automatic Tool Changes (ATC), allowing for multiple tools to be set at once. The slant bed and the high precision rails mean this machine is extremely accurate with positional accuracy at 0.005mm. The lathe is supplied with operating system software and can be connected by an Ethernet (LAN) cable to any Windows based computer. The software has an in-built help and tuition programme and will accept G-Code inputs.The options for this machine include a hand wheel controller and coolant system.


Distance Between Centres 400mm
Feed Speed 1,000mm/min
Model iKC6
Overall L x W x H 1,400 x 770 x 1,600mm
Power 230V
Spindle Speed 100-3,000rpm
Spindle Taper 3MT
Travel X Axis 240mm
Travel Z Axis 320mm
Tailstock Taper 2MT

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