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Item Unit CW6263 CW6280A CW62100A CW62120A
Max.swing over bed mm 630 800 1000 1200
Max.swing over gap mm 800 1000 1200 1400
Max.swing over cross slide mm 345 480 680 680
Center distance
Width of bed mm 600
Spindle hole mm 105(130)
Spindle taper mm ø120 1:16
Spindle speeds r/min 7.5-1000(18) 7-720(18) 7-720(18) 7-720(18)
Metric threads mm 1-240(52)
Inch threads TPI 1-14(26)
Module threads mm 0.5-120(53)
Diametral threads DP 1-28(24)
Longitudinal feeds range mm/r 0.1-24.3
Cross feed range mm/r 0.05-12.15
Rapid feed: long/cross mm/min 4000,2000
Tool section mm 32x32
Cross slide travel mm 370 430 430 430
Compound rest travel mm 200
Sleeve diameter mm 100 100 120 120
Sleeve taper
Morse No.6
Sleeve travel mm 240
Steady rest mm ø20-200
Follow rest mm ø20-100
Main motor Kw 11
Rapid feed motor Kw 1.1
Dimension(L x W x H) Net weight(CW6263) 1000mm  4400kg  3000x1170x1250mm

1500mm  4700kg  3500x1170x1250mm

2000mm  5000kg  4000x1170x1250mm

3000mm  5600kg  5000x1170x1250mm

4000mm  6200kg  6000x1170x1250mm

5000mm  6800kg  7000x1170x1250mm

6000mm  7400kg  8000x1170x1250mm

8000mm  8800kg  10000x1170x1250mm

10000mm  10200kg  12000x1170x1250mm

12000mm  11500kg 14000x1170x1250mm

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