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Product Description

Hardened and ground bed ways 
D1-11 camlock spindle nose easy for chuck changing 
Heavy duty spindle 105mm or 128mm 
Multi-disc forward and reversing clutch for slow start up of heavy workpiece 
Rapid feed in apron with separate motor 
One-piece casting iron base for heavy duty 
High-strength cast iron lathe solo whole bed body, casting use resin 
Sand casting are close bake technology 
Shift gears structure use on tailstock body. 

C62163D AND CW62100D series lathe is factory new developped products based on many years production CW6163A, CW6163C series lathe experience, according customers different requiremetns of turning developped a new generation products. 
There are four varieties of workpiece turning length from 0.75-12 m, 
Metric, Imperial have thirty-eight kinds to be choose 
This series of machine tools used machine repair, tools and manufacturers industrial production 
Mainly used for various types of shafts, disc type, shaped like turning internal and external cylindrical surface, conical surface, the other rotating surface, turning face, and can cutting metric, inch, modulus, thread pitch 
This lathe can also realize drilling, boring, reaming and broaching tank and so on. 

Bed of high-strength cast iron base of the monolithic bed, resin sand casting are close bake technology, the use of variable speed tailstock body.
Specification CW6263D CW6280D CW62100D CW62125D CW6185A CW61100A
Max swing over bed 670mm 840mm 1000mm 1250mm 850mm 1030mm 1600mm
Max swing over cross slide 390mm 560mm 720mm 970mm 520mm 720mm 118/0mm
Max swing over gap 930mm 1100mm 1250mm 1510mm 1150mm 1350mm
Valid lengthin gap 340mm 340mm
Width of bed 550mm  optional: 600mm 600mm
Max capacity of worktable 3t 4t
Spindle hole & taper 120 or 140mm 120mm 120mm 160mm
Spindle speeds 6-1100rpm or 6-800 rpm/18steps 6-800rpm/18 steps Manual operating 4 steps
Cross slide travel 420mm 580mm 695mm 600mm
Center distance 750-12000mm 750/1500/2000/3000
3000/4000 /5000/6000mm
Metric thread range 1-24mm/51kinds 50kinds1-240mm 56kinds 1-120mm
Module thread range 0.5-120π m/53kinds 53kinds 0.5-120π m 56kinds 30-1/4"
Diametrical thread range 30-1/8D. P/42kinds 42 kinds 30-1/8D. P 56kinds 60-0.5D. P
Longitudinal feeds 0.04-24mm/72kinds 64kinds 0.1-24.3mm 64 kinds 0.08-9.6mm
Cross feeds 0.02-12mmn/72kinds 64kinds 0.05-12mm 64kids 0.04-4.8mm
Main drive motor 1.1kw(15kw optional) 15kw AC15kw AC18.5kw
Packing size Length 2760/3510/3965 /5010/6010  2815/3515/4015/5015 /6160/7160/8160 5150mm 5150mm
Width 1600mm 1395 1395 1500mm 1600mm
Height 1565mm 1650mm 1725 1855 1500mm 1600mm
Net   weight NW: 3600/4300/5000/5800

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