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Product Description

The headstock, gear-box,apron and bed-ways are made of high quality casting iron, and they are all cast with the resin sand foundry technology. The hardness of induction hardened bed-ways is around HRC 55

The lathe is featured of high efficiency, high precision, high rigidity and excellent cutting performance

The base of the bed is cast into mono-block with a chip space. The structure ensures high rigidity of the whole machine and convenient chip disposal

All gears in headstock are precisely grinded, the spindle turns smoothly at high speed.

Foot brake, overload protection, chip guard, longitudinal automatic stop device, point-to-point control in spindle, manual lubrication pump, ensures wasy operation and good performance of the machine.

Standard Acessories

ф250mm 3-jaw chuck ф250mm
Thread chasing dial

Chip guard
Chuck cover

Foot brake

Optional Acessories

ф400mm Face plate ф400mm
ф20-130mm Steady rest ф20-130mm

ф320mm 4-jaw chuck ф320mm
ф250mm Drive plate ф250mm

ф20-80mm Follow rest ф20-80mm
4# live center

Center sleeve

4-position stop for saddle
Micro stop for saddle

Quick change tool post
4-position stop for cross slide

Damping washer
Halogen work lamp

Taper turning attachment(TTA)
Digital readout(DRO)

Product Specification

Specification / Model CY-S1840G CY-S1860G CY-S2040B CY-S2060B
Distance between centers 1000mm 1500mm 1000mm 1500mm
Width of bed 300mm
Swing over bed 460mm 510mm
Swing over cross slide 275mm 320mm
Swing in gap 690mm 734mm
Width of gap 275mm 275mm
Spindle nose & bore D6 ф57mm D8 ф82mm
Spindle taper MT6 1:20
Spindle speed 20 - 2000rpm 15 - 1500rpm
Inch system threads 2 - 56TPI
Metric threads 0.5 - 14mm
Range of longitudinal feed 0.06 - 0.82mm/rev
Range of cross feed 0.017 - 0.242mm/rev
Lead screw diameter 35mm
Lead screw pitch 6mm (Metric system) 4TPI (Inch system)
Tailstock quill taper MT4
Tailstock quill max travel 127mm
Tailstock quill diameter 58mm 58mm
Coolant pump motor 90W
Main motor 5.5kW 7.5kW
Gross / Net weight (kg) 1000mm 2000 / 1600
1500mm 2400 / 1800
Package dimensions (mm) 1000mm 2320 x 1120 x 1680
1500mm 2880 x 1120 x 1680

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