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Economic CNC Lathe Machine Model: CKE6130/36/40
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Economic CNC Lathe Machine Model: CKE6130/36/40

  • Economic CNC Lathe Machine Model: CKE6130/36/40



1. Construction casting molded with resin sand of bed,headstock,saddle plinth,ect


2. Turcite-B coated on mating surfaces between saddle and guideways

3. Precision ballscrew,high rigidity precision compound bearings ensure accurate positioning and efficient
driving.Centralized oil lubricator providing forced automatic lubrication onto ballscrew,mating surfaces

4. High spindle speed with wide variable speed ranges.Low noise 80db,CKE-Zseries machine adopting the smart automatic gear changing mechanism enables automatic speed changes among low,medium,high speed ranges without turning off the machine.

5. CKE-i series with independent spindle strcture and frequency converted motor or servo motor enables high spindle speed and stepless spindle changing.

6. Flexible control panel enables convenient tool setting.

7. Popular full enclosed guards with interlock offer a waterproof and chip-free environment.

Item CKE6130i CKE6136Z CKE6136i CKE6140Z CKE6140i
Max. swing over bed(mm) mm 300 360 360 400 400
Width of bed (mm) mm 205 300 300 300 300
Max. length of work piece (mm) mm 600 750~1000 750~1000 750~1000 750~1000
Max. swing over slide(mm) mm 145 180 180 200 200
X travel (mm) mm 190 205 205 225 225
Z travel (mm) mm 550 620~870 620~870 620~870 620~870
Spindle nose
A2-5 A2-6/D6 A2-5 A2-6/D6 A2-5
Chuck size (mm) mm 165 200 165 200 165
Taper of spindle bore
M5 M6 M5 M6 M5
Spindle bore (mm) mm 40 52 40 52 40
Spindle speed (Frequency conversion motor) r/min 40-4000 20-650
200-3500 20-650
Steps of spindle speed
step less 2-step actuator step less 2-step actuator step less
Frequency conversion motor power (kW) kw 4 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5
Rapid traverse X/Z (m/min) m/min 4/5 4/5 4/5 4/5 4/5
Vertical 4-position Tool post changing time (s) mm 2.1 2.4 2.4 2.4 2.4
Horizontal 6-position Tool post changing time(s) s 2.8 3 3 3 3
Diameter of tailstock quill (mm) mm 42 63 63 63 63
Travel of tailstock quill (mm) mm 110 130 130 130 130
Taper of tailstock quill
M3 M4 M4 M4 M4



Inverter Motor Control Spindle (Automatic changes)
Concentrated Lubrication Device (Can be controlled by Programs)
Headstock Independent Lubricate System
Machine Light
Coolant System
3-jaw chuck
Tool Kit
Oil Gun 90 Degree Movable Control Console
Vertical 4-Station Electric Turret



Servo spindle motor and drive package
Door interlock
Chuck guard with swith
CE electrics
Horizontal 6-Station Turret
200mm hydraulic chuck (through-hole)
Hydraulic tailstock
Hydraulic station
Steady rest
Live Center M4
Anti-vibration pads
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