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Geared Drilling and Milling Machine ZX32G
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Geared Drilling and Milling Machine ZX32G

  • ZX32G

a solid construction, a serially spindle feed, a digital spindle stroke indication and extraordinary performance. This model is popular at model-makers, craftsmen and repair shops.

  • Gear selector switch allows easy and quick speed change

  • Serially equipped with 3 adjustable drill feeds

  • Multiple application possibilities such as drilling, milling and thread cutting

  • Large cross table, precisely processed surface

  • Gibs adjustable at the table

  • Polished gears, in oil bath, for smooth running

  • Taper roller bearings guarantees high concentricity

  • Right and left rotation allows thread cutting

  • Gear head 180° tiltable, 360° rotatable and adjustable in height

  • Powerful 2-step motor, speed range 75 - 3200 rpm

  • Handle for spindle adjustment, handwheel for fine feed

  • All Hardened and Ground Steel Gears in head, for much heavier
    cutting capability, particularly when compared with plastic gear equipped models

  • Compact Size for smaller work shops, but has more weight and power to
    remove material when needed

  • Table Graduations in .001″ on X and Y with a true Inch Pitch
    Leadscrew, leads to easier operation when tolerances matter

  • Main Column is attached to the base with 4 bolts from the top, with
    a very wide mounting surface for much more rigidity over other
    models in this size range

  • 3 Year Warranty, for added peace of mind

Main Features:
• Compact, Accurate, Economical Machine. Great for those who are looking for a
compact machine for a smaller work shop, yet need the ability to take heavier cuts
compared with other machines in this size range
• Spindle is Supported by High Precision Tapered Roller Bearings
• Mill Head May be Tilted ±90° (both left and right)
• Precision Manual Fine Down Feed is standard
• Adjustable Tapered Gibs for longer life
• Positive Locks are standard for Table, Head, Quill, and Column
• Easy Reading Dials Have Satin Chrome Finish, Graduated in .001″
• Quill DRO is Standard, Accuracy of the Display 0.0005", Selectable from
• Generous 18-1/4″ Spindle To Table Max Distance for taller work
• 8-1/2″ Y Axis Travel, More than other machines in this class

Optional Accessoriy Notes:
3 Axis DRO Installed  Note: if a 3 axis DRO is added to the machine, the 3rd axis of the DRO reads the HEAD up and down, Not the quill, so it is not doubling up on the measurement. If you add the 3 axis DRO, now both Z Axis movements are covered)

Main Specifications INCH system
Max. Drilling Capacity:                               1-1/4″
Max. End Milling Capacity:                          1″
Max. Face Milling Capacity:                         3″
Table Size:                                            27-1/2″ x 7-1/8″
Cross Travel (Y Axis):                                8-1/2″
Longitudinal Travel (X Axis):                      15″
Table Leadscrew Pitch                    10 TPI (.100″ Per Turn)
Table Dial Graduations                              .001″
Vertical Travel (Z Axis):                              16″
Max Distance Spindle to Table:              18-1/4″
Taper of Spindle:                      R-8, w/7/16-20 Drawbar Thread
Spindle (Quill) Travel:                                 3″
T Slot Size:         1/2″(T Slots are slightly less than 1/2″, actual size 12mm, our 1/2″ kit
is sized for this machine)
Range of Spindle Speeds:               115-1700rpm, 6 Steps
Head Tilt:                                            Left & Right ±90°
Motor:                                                             1 HP
Net Weight (Not Including Base):           475 LBS
Net Weight (With Optional Base):          575 LBS
Power Required:                   110/120V, Minimum 15 Amp Circuit
Dimensions (Assembled on stand):  39″W x 70″H x 30″D
Height with head at top of Z travel:   76″ (On Stand)
Height with head at normal working height: 71″ (On Stand)
Optional Stand Height                                27-5/8″

Metric  System

Drilling capacity in steel

32 mm

Drilling capacity in cast iron

40 mm

Milling head max.

80 mm

Distance spindle to column

255 mm

Spindle speeds

(12) 75 - 3200 rpm

Spindle taper

MT 3

Spindle stroke

120 mm

Spindle feed

0,10 / 0,18 / 0,26 mm/rev.

Table size / T-slot size

730 x 210 mm / 14 mm

Travel (x / y)

520 mm / 175 mm

Mill head tiltable

-90° to +90°

Distance spindle to table

135 - 460 mm

Height adjustment of mill head 

325 mm

Column diameter

115 mm

Motor power output S1 100%

1,1 / 1,5 kW (400 V)

Motor power input S6 40%

1,5 / 2,2 kW (400 V)

Machine dimension (W x D x H)*

1100 x 830 x 1450 mm

Weight approx.

270 kg

* without stand

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