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High Precision Small CNC Lathe Machine Model:30F
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High Precision Small CNC Lathe Machine Model:30F

  • High Precision Small CNC Lathe Machine Model:30F


1 High Precision Spindle


2 High Efficient Machining

3 Machine Bed Construction

4 Accurate Feeding

5 Gang Type Tool Rest

6 Guideway Construction

7 High Precision, Great Rotation Speed, Low Cost

8 Perfect Machining

9 Powerful AC Servo Motors

10 Low Cost


Model 30F
Capacity Swing over bed Φ 240mm
Swing over cross slider Φ 120mm
Max.machining diameter Φ 100mm
Max.machining length 100mm
Spindle Spindle speed Max.6000 r /min
Through hole diameter Φ 30mm
Spindle speed ranges stepless
Collet shank Φ 36mm
Rapid traverse X-axis rapid traverse 20m/min
Z-axis rapid traverse 20m/min
Travel of tool slider X-axis teavel 250mm( option 200)
Z-axis travel 180mm
Motor Spindle motor 3.7/5.5KW
Feed motor 0.75KW
Electric power 6KVA
Floor space 1240 × 1360 × 1580mm
Height from floor to spindle center 985mm
Mass of machine 1150kg
Control system FANUC 0i-mate-TD
Controlled axes Simultaneously 2 axes,1 axis manual mode
Input sysytem MDI input,absolute/incremental programming
Program storage 640M(512KB)
Interpolation function Linear Taper Circular Threading
Min.input 0.0001mm
Min.command X: 0.0005mm Z: 0.001mm
Feed rate Feed per min 1~10000mm/min
Feed per rev 0.0001~500.0000mm/rev
Tool offset pairs 64 pairs
Auxiliary function M,S,T
Dwell time 0~99999.999 SEC
Feed rate override 0~150%
Rapid traverse override F0  25  50  100
Input/output interface RS232C
Language Chinese/English



Coolant system 1set
Lighting unit 1 set
Automatic slider surface lubricate 1set
Air type chuck system 1set
Collet chuck blank 1set
Preset base 1set
S1/S2Tool holder each 2piece
Pulling device/I.D tool holder each each 1piece
Milling collet chuck 1set
Tool box 1set
Machine base 4set
Counter 1set
Chuck 4set
Air blower system 1set
Main spindle fixed position stopping device 1set
CS contouring control 1set



Various spindle chuck
Various tool holder
Power chuck(4″)
Cross driven tool
Parts feeder
Kinds of cutters
Main spindle fixed position stopping device
(with air type locking device)


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