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High Precision Small CNC Lathe Model:40F
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High Precision Small CNC Lathe Model:40F

  • High Precision Small CNC Lathe Model:40F


1 High Precision Spindle


2 Accurate Feed

3 High Efficiency Machining

4 Large travel comb type tool rest

5 Extra heavy cutting

6 Powerful force cooling

Model 40F
Capacity  Max.swing dia.over bed  Φ 400mm
 wing over cross slide  Φ 90mm
 Max.turning dia  Φ 360mm
 Max.turning length  200mm
Spindle  Spindle speed 40FA/40FC605500rpmcollet
 Spindle bore dia  Φ 57mm
 Through hole dia  Φ 45mm chuck/Φ 42mm (collet)
 Main motor XKC40FA/40FCServo Motor5.5/7.5KW
Turret  Number of stations 7
 Tool size  20X20/Φ25
Axes  Travel X  360mm
 Travel Z  230mm (chuck? 220mmcollet
 Rapid feed X/Z  18m/min
 Feed motors X/Z  servo 1.2KW
Others  Chuck  5″
 Rotating hydraulic cylinder  6″
 Required electric power (KVA)  12KVA
 Floor space(L*W*H)  1811X1523X1672
 Mass  2100Kg
 Control system  Simultaneously 2 axes,1 axis manual mode
 Input sysytem  MDI input,absolute/incremental programming
 Program storage  640M512KB
 Interpolation function  Linear Taper Circular Threading
 Min.input  0.0001mm
 Min.command  X:0.0005mm
 Feed rate  Feed per min  1-10000mm/min
 Feed per rev  0.0001-500.0000mm/rev
 Tool offset pairs  64pairs
 Auxiliary function  MST
 Dwell time  099999.999sec
 Feed rate override  0150
 Rapid traverse override  F02550100
 Input/output interface  RS232C
 Language  Chinese/English


Coolant system 1set
lighting unit 1set
Automatic slide surface lubricate 1set
Hydraulic clamping unit 1set
Preset base 1set
S1、S2 Tool holder I.D holder 1set
S3 Tool holder 2set
Milling collet chuck 1set
Tools and tool box 1set
Circuit breake 1set
Machine base 4set
Transformer 1set
5″Collet(with 1 spring collet) 1set


Hydraulic chuck(6″)
Parts feeder
Auto parts catcher
Part conveyer
Spring collet
Kinds of cutters
Cross driven tools
Pneumatic system
Various fixture and jigs


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