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High Precision Small CNC Lathe Model:S16B
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High Precision Small CNC Lathe Model:S16B

  • High Precision Small CNC Lathe Model:S16B



1.S16 is driven by the FANUC control system designed for 5-axis operation.


2.The built-in main axis,electrically driven and forced-oil-cooled,is enabledwith high speed,low noise,minimum thermal deformation.

3.Tool move is sync with axis move for versatile applications.

4.The sub-spindle is architected for synergetic machining opposite to the direction of the main axis.

5.With the rotation positioning of the main axis and the Cs axis being maintained within 0.00-degree limit and power tools being mounted on,the S16 model enables the precision drilling and milling process.

6.The row-tool set,electromechanically configured with compact architecture,can be operated with good precision.

7.Ergonomically structured all-round casings ,the machine is considered the best solution to the automated machining of small-size critical components for applications in such industries as defense,aerospace,medical appliances,electronic hardware and watch manufacturing.

Model S16B
capacity Max.spindle hole dia.(main spindle/sub-spindle) φ16 mm
Max.turning length 210mmfixed guide bush 80rotary guide bush 45tool feed
Max. main spindle drilling dia. Φ7.0mmER11
Max. main spindle tapping dia. M6ER11
Max.sub-spindle clamping dia. Φ16mm
Max.sub-spindle drilling dia. Φ7.0mmER11
Max.sub-spindle tapping dia. M6ER11
Max.power tool drilling dia. Φ6.0
Max.power tool dia. Φ10mmER16
Max.power tool tapping dia. M5
Sub-spindle Center Height 1000
Main spindle speed 200  10000rev/min commann speed 6000 r/min
Speed command S code + 4 digit command
Main spindle motor bulit-in motor1.5/2.2kW
Sub-spindle motor bulit-in motor1.5/2.2kW
Sub-spindle speed 200  10000rev/min commann speed6000 r/min
Through-hole dia. Φ17.0 mm
feed spindle Number of axis 5axis
Rapid move speed 24m/min
Z1axis travel 220
Z2axis travel 170
X1axis travel 42
X2axis travel 200
Y1axis travel 170
Turret specs Number of tools
Outside dia. 5stations
Front 4stations
Power tools 4stationsMax tool diaΦ7.0mm
Back side 4stations
Tool bar specs
Outside dia. 12 x 85
Front ER11T-ST20×70L
Collect chuck and guide bush specs chuck 316
Guide fixed,rotary 316
Cutting oil Oil tank volume 80.0L
Oil tank power 0.18kW

Cutting oil variety Non aqueus
Power supply and others Power capacity 11kVA
Air pressure and volume 0.4Mp以上,30NL/min
Floor spaceL × W × H 1640×1080×1700
Mass 1700kg
 Number of axis  5axis
 Number of simultaneously controled axes  X,Z,Y
 Axis names  X1, X2, Z1, Z2, Y1,
 Main spindle power  2.2kW
 Servo motor  X1,Z1,X2, Z2, Y1, 0.5KW,
 Min setting unit  0.001 mm
 Min travel unit  0.001mm(X axis:0.0005mm)
 Max command value  ±8 digit
 Interpolation functions  Direct line,circular
 Cutting feed speed  16000m/min
 Cutter compensation  ±6
 Cutters compensated  64set
 Program storage capacity  512k
 Programs 400
 Auxiliary functions  M5
 Main spindlefunctions  S5
 Tool functions  T4



1. FANUC Oi-MATE TD Systems
2 Japan THK high-precision ball screw
3 Japan NSK Bearings
4 Japanese THK linear guide
5 Automatic lubrication unit
6 Servo spindle
7. FANUC servo feed motor
8. Clamping system
9 Power Tool
10. Guide sleeve and collet 2 sets
11. I / O Interface RS232C
12. Feeder Interface
13 AirTAC solenoid valve
14 Schneider main electrical components
15 Taiwan YINSH wire loop
16 Taiwan bolt, the top wire
17 Germany KTR Couplings
18. Machine full protective casing 1 set
19 Short circuit protection 1
20. Transformer 1 set
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