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Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine – Z28-40B Type
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Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine – Z28-40B Type

Maximum roll pressure80KNSpindle speed34,43,57,72 r/min
Rolling material diameter5-30mmActive power4.0kw-4
Track rollers120-170mmHydraulic power2.2kw-4
Diameter rollers54mmCooling power90w
Maximum thickness of roller100mmDimension1480*1500*1050mm
Axis tilt angle±3°Total mass1100kgs(±50kgs)
Spindle center distance120-240mmOpen thread lendthplus protection

Z28-40B Type Screw Rolling Machine is suitable for diameter 5-30mm, Workpiece to ruled, thread, twill in cooling Process and Assembly screw rolling wheel can be processed Fixed length screws and screw rod (teeth). The machine consists of Welded steel plate, Reasonable structure, Easy operation, Reliable quality. The machine is best for production of non-standard screw, standard parts (Bolt).

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