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Industrial Horizontal Metal Lathe D660X1500/D660X2000/D660X3000
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Industrial Horizontal Metal Lathe D660X1500/D660X2000/D660X3000

  • D660X1500/ D660X2000/ D660X3000
• Widely useful heavy duty industrial lathe
• Grey cast-iron machine bed, induction hardened and grinding
• One piece of cast iron base allows heavy cuts, 
  higher rigidity and fewer vibrations 
• 105mm spindle capacity for large parts
• High precision and quiet operation
• Manual central lubrication for slides
• Multi-disk clutch for soft starts when working with heavy parts
• Automatic lubrication of headstock and gears
• Leadscrew protection as standard
• Overload protection for feed shaft
• Rapid feed device

Standard accessories:

3 jaw chuck, 4 jaw chuck, faceplate, follow rest,
 steady rest, work lamp, coolant system, foot brake

Optional accessoires:
quick change tool post, 3 axis of digital readout,
 magnetic spindle brake, taper attachment

Model No. D660×1500 D660×2000 D660×3000
Distance between centers 1500mm 2000mm 3000mm
Swing over slide 660mm 660mm 660mm
Swing over cross slide 440mm 440mm 440mm
Swing in gap diameter 900mm 900mm 900mm
Bed width 400mm 400mm 400mm
Spindle nose  D1-8 D1-8 D1-8
Spindle bore 105mm 105mm 105mm
Range of spindle speed 25-1600r/min 25-1600r/min 25-1600r/min
spindle speed number 16 16 16
Cross slide travel 370mm 370mm 370mm
Top slide travel 230mm 230mm 230mm
Imperial thread range 1/16-80T.P.I/54 1/16-80T.P.I/54 1/16-80T.P.I/54
Metric thread range 0.45-120mm/54 0.45-120mm/54 0.45-120mm/54
 Diametrical pitches range 7/8-160DP/42 7/8-160DP/42 7/8-160DP/42
 Module pitches range 0.25-60MP/46 0.25-60MP/46 0.25-60MP/46
Longitudinal feeds range 0.044-1.48mm/rev 0.044-1.48mm/rev 0.044-1.48mm/rev
Cross feeds range 0.022-0.74mm/rev 0.022-0.74mm/rev 0.022-0.74mm/rev
Travel of tailstock quill 235mm 235mm 235mm
Quill diameter 90mm 90mm 90mm
Quill taper MT5 MT5 MT5
Coolant pump 90W 90W 90W
Motor  7.5KW 7.5KW 7.5KW
Weight 3060kg 3345kg 3345kg
Packing size 3240x1140x1840mm 3740x1140x1840mm 4740x1140x1840mm
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