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  • BS712R

Product characteristics


The universal metal band-saw type BS 712 R enables cutting in the vertical plane and in the plane perpendicular to the axis of the cut material or at any angle within 45o – 90o. The cut element can be fed manually or by any feeding device. The feed during cutting is gravitational on the principle of oil flow in a two-chamber hydraulic cylinder. The suitable speed of the arm lowering is obtained thanks to the valve controlling oil flow between the oil chambers. The required linear velocity is obtained by change of the ratio on pulleys between the worm gear and the driving motor. The arm made of shaped spheroidal cast iron secures rigidity during operation and absorbs all kinds of vibrations. On the band-saw arm a control panel is situated. The cutting band power transmission system is composed of two cast iron wheels. The first wheel is a tensioning wheel (adjustment with a lever) and the second one is a drive wheel. To the tensioning wheel is transmitted directly the torque from a worm gear while the worm gear is driven by an electric motor. The band suitable angle of inclination is given through a set of bearing rollers. The base of the machine is a rigid cuboid made of steel sheets inside which is cooling fluid container with a flood coolant pump. To the upper part of the machine base a tank is fixed for flood coolant draining and a container for chips produced during material cutting. On the tank a cast iron work table is installed on which is the vice clamping material and to which the cut-off machine arm is fixed. In the lower part of the machine pedestal are holes for wheel axles. Safety during cutting process is secured by an electric installation meeting all CE requirements.  The machine is equipped with a limit switch that stops the machine after cutting process is finished, an emergency button, a number of microswitches that switch off the machine when e.g. the belt transmission guard or cutting band guard is opened. Additionally our machine model, as opposed to competitors, is equipped with a wire brush cleaning the cutting band off chips – it prevents from the blade blocking and gives more effective cutting.


The arm construction has been modified in such a way that the horizontal band-saw can change, in a moment, into a vertical band-saw with a table. It is used not only for metals cutting, but also can serve as a vertical cutting and fret saw for joiner work.

Technical data


Cutting band size (mm) 2360 x 20 x 0,9
Band tension mechanical (hand)
Band speeds (m/min) 34, 41, 59, 98
Feed speed (m/min) 0 - 50 (stepless feed)
Arm lowering control stepless - hydraulic actuator
Vice datum surface height (mm) 600
Power supply 3-phase, 400 V
Main motor power (kW) S1 100%: 0,75; S6 40%: 1,1 kW
Weight (kg) 240
Guarantee (months) 12/24
Instruction (TOD) Polish language
CE Declaration yes


Angle Round material Rectangle
180 180 x 210
45° 130 140 x 85



Instructional video:

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