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Mini Metal Jigsaw 20001M
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Mini Metal Jigsaw 20001M



1. Motor case and headstock are jointed. 

2. Main parts include headstock, central block, jigsaw base, jig-saw casing, motor blade, gear, jigsaw table, connection piece, drive belt cover etc. All parts are made of metal except drive belt cover.

3. With special design, the reciprocating blade is touch-safe when skin contacts. It just causes slight vibration instead of cuts.

4. Allow straight-line cutting and curve cutting.

Technical parameters:                                      

1.Motor speed: 20,000rpm/min

2.Input voltage/current/power: 12VDC/2A/24W

3.Working table size: 90mm*90mm                  

4. Maximum working material thickness: solid wood-4mm, plywood-7mm, soft wood-18mm, aluminium-0.5mm, acrylic-2mm.

5. There is over-current protection, over-voltage protection and over-heating protection for transformer.

6. With bow-arm, the metal bow-arm will increase the durability of jigsaw blade and other accessorie

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