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For Q1221 pipe threading lathe, it can machine many kinds pipe threads, also can machine the taper threads with the taper attachment and the support.
Features of Structure:
1.The integral bed ensuring the rigidity of the lathe and the guide-ways are medium-frequency hardened to ensure the long working life.
2.The spindle applies the double-chuck structure.
Model Q1221
Max. swing over bed 840mm
Max. outer diameter of pipe 210mm
Max. swing over carriage 560mm
Max. length of work piece 1500/3000/4000/5000/6000mm
Max. turning length 1350/2850/3850/4850/5850mm
Diameter of spindle through hole 210
Taper of spindle bore 225
Type of spindle nose C type flange connect
Range of spindle speed 12 steps (45~572r/min)
Morse taper of center sleeve MT6
Kinds, range of longitudinal feed 32 kinds 0.1-1.5mm/r
Kind, range of transverse feed 32 kinds, 1/2 of longitudinal feed
Pitch of leadscrew 12
Kinds, range of metrical thread 22 kinds 1-15mm
Kinds, range of inch-system thread 28kinds 15-1 t.p.i
Kinds, range of modular thread 21 kinds 0.5-7.5um
Kinds, range of pitch thread 20 kinds 28-2 D.P
Diameter of tailstock sleeve 100mm
Morse taper of sleeve MT6
Max. travel of sleeve 300mm
Max. travel of top slide 240mm
Max. travel of cross slide 500mm
Double-speed motor power 9/11kw
Double-speed motor speed 1000/1500r/min
Rapid-travel motor power 1.1kw
Rapid-travel motor speed 1350r/min
Cooling pump power 0.125kw
Cooling motor flow 22L/min

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