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Q11Y Shearing Thinkness Shearing width Shearing angle Number of stroke  Backgauge rang  Motor power Overall dimensions
4X2000 4mm 2000mm 1.30, 22min-1 20~480mm   4KW 2630X2030X1600mm
4X2500 4mm 2500mm 1.30, 20min-1 20~480mm   4KW 3130X2030X1600mm
4X3200 4mm 3200mm 1.30, 20min-1 20~600mm   5.5KW 3840X2175X1600mm
4X4000 4mm 4000mm 1.30, 18min-1 20~600mm   5.5KW 4640X2320X1600mm
4X5000 4mm 5000mm 1.12, 14min-1 20~600mm   7.5KW 5655X1850X1850mm
6X2000 6mm 2000mm 1.30, 20min-1 20~600mm   7.5KW 2580X1530X1600mm
6X2500 6mm 2500mm 1.30, 18min-1 20~600mm   7.5KW 3130X2320X1600mm
6X3200 6mm 3200mm 1.30, 16min-1 20~600mm   7.5KW 3840X2320X1620mm
6X4000 6mm 4000mm 1.30, 14min-1 20~600mm   7.5KW 4630X2495X1700mm
6X5000 6mm 5000mm 1.30, 8min-1 20~600mm   11KW 5690X2000X2100mm
6X6000 6mm 6000mm 1.30, 6min-1 20~600mm   11KW 6645X2530X2250mm
8X2500 8mm 2500mm 1.30, 14min-1 20~600mm   11KW 3140X2345X1620mm
8X3200 8mm 3200mm 1.30, 12min-1 20~600mm   11KW 3850X2345X1620mm
8X4000 8mm 4000mm 1.30, 10min-1 20~600mm   11KW 4630X2495X1700mm
8X6000 8mm 6000mm 1.30, 6min-1 20~900mm   15KW 6650X2845X1700mm
10X2500 10mm 2500mm 1.30, 10min-1 20~600mm   18.5KW 3200X1850X1760mm
10X3200 10mm 3200mm 1.30, 10min-1 20~600mm   18.5KW 3900X1850X1760mm
12X2500 12mm 2500mm 1.30, 12min-1 20~900mm   18.5KW 3235X3050X2100mm
12X3200 12mm 3200mm 1.30, 10min-1 20~900mm   18.5KW 3945X3050X2100mm
12X4000 12mm 4000mm 1.30, 8min-1 20~900mm   18.5KW 4745X3210X2200mm
12X5000 12mm 5000mm 1.30, 8min-1 20~800mm   18.5KW 5750X2260X2240mm
16X2500 16mm 2500mm 2. 12min-1 20~900mm   22KW 3410X3230X2230mm
16X3200 16mm 3200mm 2. 10min-1 20~900mm   22KW 4120X3230X2230mm
16X4000 16mm 4000mm 2. 8min-1 20~900mm   22KW 4920X3330X2700mm
20X2500 20mm 2500mm 2.30, 10min-1 20~900mm   37KW 3420X3330X2700mm
20X3200 20mm 3200mm 2.30, 8min-1 20~900mm   37KW 4180X3330X2700mm
25X2500 25mm 2500mm 2.30, 8min-1 20~900mm   45KW 3480X3330X2700mm
25X3200 25mm 3200mm 3. 5min-1 20~800mm   45KW 4100X2500X2600mm

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