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The surface grinding machine with pleasing appearance and well designed structure, the machine is an indeed precision grind equipment for metal working.


The well designed structure have good rigidity and keep the machine with high accuracy.


Well designed and carefully assembled Hydraulic unit make the table moves smoothly. The oil temperature increase low after long working.

1.The machine can grind work pieces which are made of steel,casting iron,nonferrous mateial,and it also grind nonmetal,such as porcelain,stone ect.The machine is applied in machining workshop,repair workshop and tools workshop.
2.The machine adopts the design style of “+”saddle,three guideways are all lined with TF wearable material and lubricated by intermittent forced oil pump,the column adopts double wall structure(The column of SG2050、 SGA2550 series have steel guideway.The table longitudinal movement  is driven by variable displacement vane pump and adopts closed type hydraulic system,Its speed is variable changed by adjusting lever located on the saddle and can be driven by manual also.The saddle cross movement is driven by manual and can be also driven automatic intermittent moving by motor through the ball screw.
3.The grinding haad can be driven by lift motor (AHR model) or servo motor (AHD model),and also can be driven by manual.


Good quality with good price. For the specification of the machine, pls see the photo and the table.
description             model unit SGA2050AH SGA-3063AH SGA-30100AH SGA-4080AH SGA-40100AH
SGA2050AHR SGA-3063AHR SGA-30100AHR SGA-4080AHR SGA-40100AHR
SGA2050AHD SGA-3063AHD SGA-30100AHD SGA-4080AHD SGA-40100AHD
table size(W*L) mm 250*500 305*635 305*1020 406*813 406*1020
max.longitudinal travel mm 560 765 1130 910 1130
cross travel mm 275 340 340 450 450
max. distance from spindle center to table mm 450 580 580 580 580
magnetic chuck size mm 250*500 300*600 300*1000 400*800 400*1000
speed of table longitudinal moving   m/min from 7 to 23
table transverse moving auto feed m/min 0.1-8
rapid speed m/min 990
feed of handwheel mm/div 0.02
wheel head vertical moving auto feed mm/stroke (AH/AHR mode) 0.005/0.01/0.02/0.03/0.04/0.05(only for AHD mode)
rapid speed m/min (AH mode)460(only for AHR/AHD model)
feed of handwheel mm/div 0.005(only for AHR/AHD model)
grinding wheel speed rpm 50HZ 2850;60HZ 3450 50HZ 1450;60HZ 1750

wheel size mm 200*20*31.75 350*40*127

spindle motor Kw 2.2 5.5

hydraulic motor Kw 0.75 2.2

cooling pump motor Kw 0.04 0.125

elevating motor Kw 0.25(AHR mode),0.5(AHD mode,servo motor)
cross feed motor Kw 0.04
max.loading capacity of table(including magnetic chuck) kg 180 270 400 500 600
total rated power   kw 3.7 9

height of machine mm 1675 1890

floor space(L*W) mm 2650*2150 3800*2200 4400*2200 3600*2400 4400*2400
Gross weight kg 1800 2700 3400 3700 4200
package size(L*W*H) mm 217*212*215 235*222*213 295*222*215 285*227*215 295*227*21


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