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Spherical Turning Lathe /Swing Diameter 50-1800MM Light And Heavy
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Spherical Turning Lathe /Swing Diameter 50-1800MM Light And Heavy

  • Swing Diameter 50-1800MM Light And Heavy Spherical Turning Lathe

Spherical turning lathe machine description

The ball valve was introduced in the 1950s and was widely used in food, medicine, petroleum, chemical, natural gas, steel, environmental protection, water conservancy, electricity, municipal, paper and other industries to control the circulation and blocking of pipeline transportation medium. With the sustained and strong development of the national economy, the use of large ball valves is increasing year by year and continue to put forward new requirements. 

Spherical turning lathe machine,also called ball turning lathe,external ball surface lathe or globe lathe machine, is mainly used for ball valve key ball spool ball machining. Our company developed the spherical lathe according to the market demand, mainly used for the outer ball of the ball ball rough car, fine grinding and grinding. But also has a general part of the general lathe processing performance, such as turning cylindrical, bore, end and so on. To meet a variety of spherical parts processing requirements, and to meet the dimensional accuracy and surface quality, low production costs and other requirements. Spherical lathe specifications are C6555, C6595, C65160, C65180, etc., the largest diameter of the workpiece body φ940-φ2500mm, the largest diameter of the processing sphere φ550-φ1800 mm, the smallest diameter of the processing sphere φ50-φ1200mm.

Max. Dia. of sphericalmm55090016001800
Min. Dia. of sphericalmm5026010001200
Dia. of spindle holemm100130100100
Taper of hole of spindlemm120140140140
No. of spindle speeds
Range of spindle speedsr/min6~8003.15~3153.15~3153.15~315
Spindle reverse speedsr/min11~8383.5~2913.5~2913.5~291
Swivel angle of toolpost°±90±90±55±55
Main powerkw11223030

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