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Surface Rust Removal Automatic Industrial Belt Sand Blaster
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Surface Rust Removal Automatic Industrial Belt Sand Blaster

  • LW-2804-8A
Product Description
.Sand blast equipment machine suitable for flat panel,disc,cages,profiles and other special parts of the sandblasting processing.
Such as :flat stainless steel sheet and steel plate,glass plate,glass plate ,stone,Non-stick pan ,baking pan,toaster,function DVD,Panel,notebook,computer motherboard,iron floor,decorative pieces,signs badges,communications equipment,aluminum sheet ,profiles and other special parts.etc.
LW -2804-8A
Working Space
(L*W*H) 1000*900*1000mm
Through size
600 *300mm
Blast Gun
Aluminum alloy with boron carbide 8pcs
Compressor Air
35CFM/Per Gun
Air compressor
Conveying sand blasting equipment machine can use different abrasives to achieve different blasting effects. Such as brown alumina, white alumina and glass beads
Detailed Images
8pcs or 12pcs can be choose ,all blast gun work together Work more efficiently

Sand blaster equipment Plc control board operation, strong automatic operation ability
Conveyor running, speed can be adjusted
Sand blast equipment machine With filter element recycling and cyclone recycling system, the abrasive can be reused
Size Information
The machine can be fully customized with different sizes according to the site and workpiece requirements
LW -2804-8A
LW -6010-10A
LW -1280-12A
LW -3515-16A
Through size(W*H) mm
600 *300
600 *300mm
800 *300mm
800 * 350mm
1000 *350mm
Overall Size(mm)

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