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Horizontal Milling Machines


Heavy single-column horizontal milling machine with long travels and vertically swivelling head

machine bed, table and column structure, plus the heavy horizontal cutter head are made of premium cast-iron with heavy ribbing and superior rigidity to guarantee maximum stability even at long travel distances
the custom machine frame construction supports the table without console directly on the machine bed across the entire travel distance and allows high workpiece weights with unaffected constant accuracy
robust, rigid guideways ensure precision and durability and are supplied with oil by the fully automated central lubrication unit
infinitely variable automatic linear feed
6-step headstock gear, easy to shift, with hardened and ground gears and shafts
cutter head swivels 35° on the vertical axis
including telescoping cover on X protect spindle and spindle nut from debris
the control panel is mounted on a long arm to give the user a wide radius of operation

Horizontal Milling Machines  TXP2000  TXP2000A TXP3000 TXP3000A
working area
travel X-axis 2000 mm 3000 mm
travel Y-axis 750 mm 750 mm
travel Z-axis 350 mm 350 mm
table set up area 2000x630 mm 2000x800 mm 3000x630 mm 3000x800 mm
table load capacity (max.) 1500 kg 2000 kg
number of T-slots 5 Pieces 5 Pieces
T-slots, width 22 mm 22 mm
T-slots, spacing 120 mm 160 mm 120 mm 160 mm
Spindle center-to-table distance 0 - 750 mm 0 - 750 mm
rapid feed X-axis 1360 mm/min 1360 mm/min
rapid feed Y-axis 280 mm/min 280 mm/min
rapid feed Z-axis 1300 mm/min 2100 mm/min
feed speed X-axis 0 - 1360 mm/min 0 - 1360 mm/min
feed speed Z-axis 0 - 430 mm/min 0 - 430 mm/min
horizontal milling head
speed range 82 - 505 rpm 82 - 505 rpm
spindle mount ISO 50 ISO 50
throat 330 mm 330 mm
head swivel range ± 35° ± 35°
drive capacity
motor rating main drive 7,5 kW 7,5 kW
motor rating for X-axis drive 3 kW 4 kW
motor rating for Y-axis drive 2,2 kW 2,2 kW
motor rating for Z-axis drive 0,4 kW 0,4 kW
measures and weights
overall dimensions 5250x1850x2150 mm 5250x2060x2150 mm 6600x1850x2150 mm 6600x2060x2150 mm
weight 3593 kg 3724 kg 5033 kg 6500 kg

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