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The portable band-saw G4012
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The portable band-saw G4012

  • G4012


Heavey duty casting iron body reduces vibration during operation.

Dirven by extra powerful single phase motor for effortless cutting.
Three speeds of blade are available for cutting different material.
The casting iron saw head can be swivelled from right 45 degree to left 60 degree.
Equiped with a quick-release vise for easy change the workpiece.
Unique hydraulic down feed control system,which makes the fall-down speed of saw head so slow or quick as you want.
Easy access wheel for quick blade changes and blade speed changes.
Automatic shut-off the power after finishing the cut for safe operating.
Oil bath gear box for long-life operation.
All ball bearing guided blade for straight and precision cut.
Formed and welded steel stand with rolling wheels for stable operation and easy transportion.


Model No: G4012
Motor 230v-/50hz
Power 3/4Hp
Motor No-load speed 1450rpm
Blade No-load speed 3 peed,90,130,210FPM
Length XWidth 64-1/2''×1/2''(1640×13mm)
TPI 14
Rectangular @ 0degree 4''×6''(100×150mm)
Rectangular @ 45degree R 3-3/4"x3"(97x76)
Rectangular @ 60degree L 2''×2-3/16''(50×56mm)
Round @ 0degree 5''(125mm)
Round @ 45degree R 3-3/4''(95mm)
Round @ 60degree L 2''(50mm)
Angle Cuts Right 45-Left 60 Degree
Saw Body 68/65kgs
Stand 18/16kgs
20'container 100pcs/200cartons
40'container 200pcs/400cartons


High Quality Metal Band Saw Machine Cutting Band Saw


Different Models


Metal Cutting Band Saw Items List

Item Motor Power(W) Length x With TPI Cutting Capacity
 G4012  230v-50Hz  3/4 HP  64-1/2" X 1/2"  14 Rectangular @ 0degree   4''×6''(100×150mm)
Rectangular @ 45degree R   3-3/4''×3''(95×76mm)
Rectangular @ 60degree L   2''×2-3/16''(50×56mm)
Round @ 0degree   5''(125mm)
Round @ 45degree R   3-3/4''(95mm)
Round @ 60degree L   2''(50mm)
Angle Cuts   Right 45-Left 60 Degree
 G40121  120v-60Hz  3/4~1 HP  64-1/2" X 1/2"  14 Rectangular   4''×6''(100×150mm)
Round   5''(125mm)
Angle Cuts   0°-45°

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