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Universal milling machine UWF 200
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Universal milling machine UWF 200

  • Universal milling machine CORMAK UWF 200


he vertical milling machines are characterised by a possibility of the whole fixed headstock travelling on the column guides what causes that the machine is suitable ideally for tools, instruments, motor elements etc. machining. The most important advantages of EP40 milling machines are: a rigid construction and precision making that secure the machining high accuracy.

  • Spindle infinitely variable speed control with a possibility of programming some parameters and diagnosing defects on a display
  • Rectangular guides secure high rigidity and positioning accuracy
  • Automatic feeds in X, Y, Z axes
  • Moving out spindle pinole

Standard equipment


  • Digital readout for 3 axes
  • Spindle speed smooth control – inverter
  • Reduction ISO 50/Morse
  • Reduction Morse 4/4
  • Reduction Morse 4/2
  • Reduction ISO 50, Ø 40
  • Set of end mill holders ISO 50
  • TOD in Polish language
  • EC Declaration of Conformity
  • EC Declaration
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