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Variab;e speed Drilling and Milling Machine ZX32GV
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Variab;e speed Drilling and Milling Machine ZX32GV

  • ZX32GV

a solid construction, a serially spindle feed, a digital spindle stroke indication and extraordinary performance. This model is popular at model-makers, craftsmen and repair shops.

  • Variable Spindle Speeds, still with 6 geared steps, with all Hardened and Ground Steel gears in head, for much heavier
    cutting capability, and the variable speed allows you to perfectly match the cut. The 6 step gearing allows for more power at lower speeds, and is designed so you not sacrifice power at the lower speeds 
  • Compact Size for smaller work shops, but has more weight and power to
    remove material when needed
  • Table Graduations in .001″ on X and Y with a true Inch Pitch
    Leadscrew, leads to easier operation when tolerances matter
  • Main Column is attached to the base with 4 bolts from the top, with
    a very wide mounting surface for much more rigidity over other
    models in this size range
  • set up virtually anywhere, without needing additional circuits
    installed in your work shop
  • Variable Spindle Speeds, with a range from 40 to 3000 RPM, in 6 steps, allows you to perfectly match the speed for each job
  • Compact, Accurate, Economical Machine. Great for those who are looking for a
  • compact machine for a smaller work shop, yet need the ability to take heavier cuts
  • compared with other machines in this size range
  • Spindle is Supported by High Precision Tapered Roller Bearings
  • Mill Head May be Tilted ±90° (both left and right)
  • Precision Manual Fine Down Feed is standard
  • Adjustable Tapered Gibs for longer life
  • Positive Locks are standard for Table, Head, Quill, and Column
  • Easy Reading Dials Have Satin Chrome Finish, Graduated in .001″
  • Quill DRO is Standard, Accuracy of the Display 0.0005", Selectable from
  • mm/inch
  • Generous 18-1/4″ Spindle To Table Max Distance for taller work
  • 8-1/2″ Y Axis Travel, More than other machines in this class
  •  variable speed

Main Specifications INCH system
Max. Drilling Capacity: 1-1/4″
Max. End Milling Capacity: 1″
Max. Face Milling Capacity: 3″
Table Size: 27-1/2″ x 7-1/8″
Cross Travel (Y Axis): 8-1/2″
Longitudinal Travel (X Axis): 15″
Table Leadscrew Pitch 10 TPI (.100″ Per Turn)
Table Dial Graduations .001″
Vertical Travel (Z Axis): 16″
Max Distance Spindle to Table: 18-1/4″
Taper of Spindle: R-8, w/7/16-20 Drawbar Thread
Spindle (Quill) Travel: 3″
T Slot Size: 1/2″(T Slots are slightly less than 1/2″, actual size 12mm, our 1/2″ kit
is sized for this machine)
Range of Spindle Speeds: 40-3000rpm, 6 Steps, variable in each range
Head Tilt: Left & Right ±90°
Motor: 1 HP
Net Weight (Not Including Base): 475 LBS
Net Weight (With Optional Base): 575 LBS
Power Required: 110/120V, Minimum 15 Amp Circuit
Dimensions (Assembled on stand): 39″W x 70″H x 30″D
Height with head at top of Z travel: 76″ (On Stand)
Height with head at normal working height: 71″ (On Stand)
Optional Stand Height 27-5/8″

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