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Vertical Fine Boring Milling Machine TX-170A,TX-200A,TX250A
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Vertical Fine Boring Milling Machine TX-170A,TX-200A,TX250A

1-Stepless of spindle turning ,feeding and table travelling
2- Rotating speed and feed of spindle as well as the movement of worktable is free—setup, automatic returning of spindle can be realized
3- Longitudinal and cross movement of table
4- Complete set of accessories of boring,  milling, drilling & reaming and easy exchange
5- Tool fast centering device
6- Tool measuring device
7- Boring depth control device
8- Table with digital readout for jig borer machine
TX-170A TX-200A TX-250A
Max. boring diameter Mm φ170 φ200 φ250
Max. boring depth Mm 400 500 500
Max. milling area Mm 400x1000
Max. drilling& reaming diameter Mm φ30
Spindle speed r/min 120-860
Feeding of the spindle Mm/min 14-900
Rapid moving speed of the spindle Mm/min 900
Spindle travel Mm 700
Distance between spindle end face and table Mm 0-700
Distance between spindle axis and carriage vertical plane Mm 365
Longitudinal feed of worktable Mm/min 32-1350
Rapid moving speed of the table longitudinal travel Mm/min 1350
Max. longitudinal travel of the working table Mm 1500
Max. cross travel of  the working table Mm 200
Worktable size(W*L) Mm 500*1250 500*1500 500*1500
Dimensional precision of boring hole
Machining precision Roundness Mm 0.005
Cylindricity 0.01/300
Milling flatness 0.10
Surface roughness Boring Um Ra2.5
Milling Ra3.2
Main motor power Kw 5.5
Overall dimensions (L*W*H) Cm 260*163*230
Packing dimensions(L*W*H) Cm 225*190*228
N.W./G..W. kg 3300/3600/ 3500/3800 3500/3800
Remark You can buy relative accessories to upgrade your machine.
TX series +TXM PLC+Grinding head φ320+Cooling tank+Protecting panel+AC Contactor UPGRADE TXM series

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