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Universal Milling Machine 
for Workshop and Production Facilities

Rigid frame design with wide guideways and travels
Hardened guideways ensure wear-resistance and long-term accuracy in all machining operations
Large work table
All gears are hardened and ground for quiet operation and long life
Swivelling vertical cutter head with low-maintenance belt drive, quiet and vibration-free
Automatic quill stroke featuring 3 steps and micrometer depth stop, plus automatic shut-off
Quill feed allows angular bores with tilted cutter head
Rigid boom and outer arbor support for secure and vibration-free guidance of milling arbors
High-torque servo-motor drives infinitely variable feeds and raid feeds on 3 axes

  X6332CLUniversal Milling Machine
working area
travel X-axis 1300 mm
travel Y-axis 290 mm
travel Z-axis 450 mm
top slide travel 550 mm
table dimensions 1600x320 mm
table load capacity (max.) 300 kg
number of T-slots 3 Pieces
T-slots, width 18 mm
T-slots, spacing 70 mm
rapid feed X-axis 1200 mm/min
rapid feed Y-axis 800 mm/min
rapid feed Z-axis 600 mm/min
feed speed X-axis 30 - 750 mm/min
feed speed Y-axis 20 - 500 mm/min
feed speed Z-axis 15 - 375 mm/min
vertical milling head
speed range (16) 65 - 4660 rpm
spindle mount ISO 40
quill stroke 127 mm
spindle nose-to-table surface distance 200 - 650 mm
horizontal milling head
speed range (12) 60 - 1800 rpm
spindle mount ISO 50
horizontal spindle-to-table surface distance 20 - 470 mm
spindle axis-to-table surface distance 245 mm
drive capacity
motor rating horizontal spindle 5,5 kW
motor rating vertical spindle 3,7 kW
measures and weights
overall dimensions 2520x2100x2500 mm
weight 2300 kg

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