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Superior machining quality and high reliability

Rigid, heavy machine frame featuring proven knee-and-column design
Guideways and gears are hardened and ground
Vertical cutter head swivels and can easily be disassembled and handled via a machine-mounted bracket
Servo-motor-driven, infinitely variable feeds and rapid feeds on all axes
Standard equipment includes chip tray, coolant system and central lubrication system

Universal Milling Machine XL6032CL
working area
travel X-axis 1300 mm
travel Y-axis 290 mm
travel Z-axis 450 mm
table dimensions 320x1600 mm
table load capacity (max.) 300 kg
number of T-slots 3 Pieces
T-slots, width 18 mm
T-slots, spacing 70 mm
rapid feed X-axis 1200 mm/min
rapid feed Y-axis 800 mm/min
rapid feed Z-axis 600 mm/min
feed speed X-axis 30 - 750 mm/min
feed speed Y-axis 20 - 500 mm/min
feed speed Z-axis 15 - 375 mm/min
Milling Head
speed range 60 - 1800 rpm
spindle mount ISO 50
Spindle center-to-table distance 20 - 470 mm
drive capacity
motor rating main drive 5,5 kW
motor rating X axis feed 1,5 kW
motor rating Y axis feed 1,5 kW
motor rating Z axis feed 1,5 kW
motor rating coolant pump 0,09 kW
supply voltage 400 V
measures and weights
overall dimensions 2520x2100x1870 mm
weight 2510 kg

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