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Heavy-duty Universal Tool Milling Machine, for tool and die construction, form and mold construction as well as for training use

total price including 3-axis position indicator assembled
high machining quality and maximum reliability
separate feed gears with fine gradation and rapid feeds in all axes
large work table (800x400 mm) and travels up to 500x350x400 mm for maximum versatility
Extensive accessory package included
ribbed machine stand ensures maximum dynamic rigidity and constant precision
vertical setup table with 5 setup slots allows individual positioning of the sturdy, large work table
micro-tuning (18 steps) of spindle gears to maintain a constant optimum spindle speed
fine adjustments of work feeds and rapid feed on all axes ensure maximum versatility and productivity
the quill can be advanced manually or automatically (3 steps)
ergonomically arranged controls and a swivelling control panel plus standard digital position indicator for maximum operator comfort
including automatic lubrication system

XS8140A - Tool Milling Machine
working area
travel X-axis 500 mm
travel Y-axis 350 mm
travel Z-axis 400 mm
table set up area 800x400 mm
table load capacity (max.) 300 kg
number of T-slots 8 Pieces
T-slots, width 14 mm
T-slots, spacing 45 mm
rapid feed X-axis 1200 mm/min
rapid feed Y-axis 1200 mm/min
rapid feed Z-axis 1200 mm/min
feed speed X-axis (18) 10 - 500 mm/min
feed speed Y-axis (18) 10 - 500 mm/min
feed speed Z-axis (18) 10 - 500 mm/min
quill feeds 0,03 / 0,06 / 0,12 mm/R
vertical milling head
spindle speed (vertical) (18) 40 - 2000 rpm
spindle mount (vertical) SK 40
quill stroke 60 mm
throat 170 - 520 mm
spindle nose-to-table surface distance 5 - 405 mm
milling head swivel range 90 °
horizontal milling head
spindle speed (horizontal) (18) 40 - 2000 rpm
spindle mount (horizontal) SK 40
spindle axis-to-table surface distance 35 - 435 mm
drive capacity
motor rating main drive 3 kW
motor rating feed 1,5 kW
motor rating coolant pump 0,04 kW
measures and weights
overall dimensions 1820x1640x1710 mm
weight 2300 kg

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