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ZX7550CW Universal Mill Gear Drive with 3 Axis Digital Readout,
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ZX7550CW Universal Mill Gear Drive with 3 Axis Digital Readout,

  • ZX7550CW

This is our most economical turret type knee mill with a 240mm x 1000mm table. It has all the features that larger mills have like power table feeds and a long quill travel with a calibrated stop adjuster. The very heavy castings and large slide surfaces will give incredible performance and stability. And with the turret type head, its capacities are quite large. All this combined with the flexibility of a Horizontal Arbour and strong 415Volt operation makes this your best partner. Shop around, won't find this kind of value in a mill of this type and size.

❚ compact and practical milling machine manufactured from vibration dampening cast iron
❚ swivelling head to 90°& table to 45°
❚ 30 ISO horizontal and vertical spindles are hardened and ground
❚ precision-machined dovetail slide ways and table
❚ forward and reverse on/off switch
❚ fine hand wheel operated quill feed
❚ swivel table & two arbours for the horizontal spindle (models - MGH-50W, MGH-50CW)
❚ calibrated hand wheels fitted on all movement directions
❚ height adjustment of work table through ergonomically designed crank handle. all 3 axis are fitted with clamping devices
❚ 2 axis power table feeds
❚ 3 axis DRO fitted
❚ 415 Volt operation (SM-MGH50W – 240Volt)

Technical Data - Snap Shot
❚table size - 1000mm x 240mm
❚X travel - 600mm manual feed / 560mm power feed
❚Y travel - 180mm
❚vertical speeds - 115 ~ 1750 (9)
❚horizontal speeds - 60 ~ 1350 (9)
❚motor capacity - 1.5Kw x 415Volt
❚crate - 1350mm x 1150mm x 2250mm H
❚approx weight: 1250kg

❚ 3 Axis digital readout system
❚ 2 x Axis power-feed
❚ 45 degree swivel table - left & right
❚ safety cutter guard
❚ swarf tray
❚ coolant system
❚ drill chuck & arbor
❚ 2 x horizontal arbors
❚ 2 x NT30 (ISO 30) to 2 & 3MT adaptors
❚ NEW LED lamp

Product Description

High Precision Milling and Drilling machine(ZX7550CW, ZX7550C, ZX7550, ZX7550W) 
Main feature: 
1. Uses standardized assemblies from the VH milling machine universal use as milling machines and drill press 
2. Easily shiftable gear drive ensures power transmission without losses 
3. With V-belt spindle drive and gear spindle drive 
4. Head swivels into the horizontal level on both sided via crank and toothed gear, easy activation of manual micro-feed for the spindle quill 

Standard accessories of High Precision Milling and Drilling machine: 
Drill chuck, Mill chuck, Reduction sleeve, Machine vice, Wrench, Inner-hexagonal, Camlock, Wedge shifter, Spindle arbor, Horizontal millnig bilt, Operation manual, Quality certificate, Packing list. 

Description of of High Precision Milling and Drilling machine: 
ZX7550CW KNEE-TYPE MILLING AND DRILLING MACHINE is a multifunction drilling and milling machine, bed rigidity, movement stability, high accuracy. 

Guide by quenching with good wear ability. Vertical milling, horizontal milling adopts gear drive, transmission of large torque. Longitudinal can be moved with machinery power feeder, reduce labor intensity and improve the machining accuracy and surface finish. 
Guide by quenching with good wear ability. Milling head mounted on the front sliding arm, it can move back and forth, not only in the vertical plane of rotation about 45 degrees, but also turn 360 degrees in the bed with a good universal nature of the processing. 

If installing appropriate attachments, this machine has many processing function, such as milling, drilling, boring, plane abrasion, etc
. Operation expediently, performance reliably, applying to metal finishing and maintain of kinds of companys, especially tools, moulds, fastenerprocessing.
High Precision Milling and Drilling machine ZX7550 ZX7550C ZX7550W ZX7550CW
Max.drilling dia  (mm) 50 50 50 50
Max.horizontal milling dia  (mm) 100 100 100 100
Max.vertical milling dia (mm) 25 25 25 25
Max.boring dia  (mm) 120 120 120 120
Max.tapping dia   M16   M16 M16(Vertical) M16
Distance.spindle to table surface (mm) 140-490 90-490 80-460 90-490
Spindle speeds range (r.p.m) 230-1825 115-1750 230-1825(Vertical)
Spindle travel 120 120 120 120
Table size  (mm) 800×240 800×240 800x240 800×240
Table travel  (mm) 400×230 400×230 400x230 400×230
Overall dimensions  (mm) 1100×1100×2080 1100×1100×2080 1280×1100×2080 1280×1100×2080
Motor  (Kw) 0.85/1.5 0.85/1.5 0.85/1.5(Vertical)
( Vertical)0.85/
1.5 (horizontal)2.2
N.W/G.W (Kg) 610/770 610/770 700/880 850/1000

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