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X8140 universal tool milling machine is a versatile machine, extensively used for metal cutting manufacture in different mechanical industries. It is particularly suitable for half-finished and precision-machined manufacturing of machine parts, which have complicated shapes, such as fixtures, jigs and tools etc. it has a great advantage for manufacturing middle and small parts to use this machine. with various special attachment, it may be further used for drilling, milling and boring, therefore the scope of application will be widely enlarged.
X8140 can be fitted with digital position readout system. It display coordinate position of working with digits and is super precision in readout and easy in operation.

Accuracy of manufacture

Flatness: 0.02/300mm
Finish: 1.6


Working surface of tableW×L horizontal 400 x 800mm

vertical 250 x 1060mm

T-slots of table number×width ×distance between horizontal 6 x 14 x 63mm

vertical 3 x 14 x 63mm

Max. longitudinal(X) travel of working table  500mm

Max. cross(Y) travel of horizontal spindle slide 400mm

Max. vertical(Z) travel of working table 400mm

Distance from axis of horizontal spindle to table surface of horizontal working table. min 95 ± 63mm

max 475 ± 63mm

Distance from nose of horizontal spindle to table surface of horizontal working table. min 55±63mm

max 445±63mm

Range of spindle speeds (18 degrees) 40~2000r/min.

Spindle taper bore ISO 40, 7:24

Range of longitudinal(X), cross(Y) and vertical(Z) traverse 10-380mm/min.

Rapid feed of longitudinal(X), cross(Y) and vertical(Z) traverse 1200mm/min.

Travel of vertical spindle quill 80mm

Power of main drive motor 3kw

Total power of motor 5kw

Overall dimensionsL x W x H 1390 x 1430 x 1820mm

Net weight 1400kg

Max. distance from axis of vertical spindle to bed guideway 540mm

STANDARD EQUIPMENTwith main machine supply

Complete tools –with the machine 1set

Milling cutter arbors and washers
Diameter of arbors 
1622 27 32mm
1set each

Reducing sleeves  taperMorse taper No.123 1set each

spring collets and collets chuck
 Diameter of collets hole 2345681012mm
1set each
Model F11100 dividing head Center high 100mm
Spindle taper bore Morse taper N.3
Model Ts320Arotary table Diameter Φ320mm
Height of table 100mm
Universal boring head Model:Z12160 Max. boring diameter φ160mm
1 division on scale drum 0.02mm
Model:Z11150 Max. boring diameter φ150mm
1 division on scale drum 0.005mm
Parallel vice Width of vice 160mm
Max. opening of vice 125mm
No.22, universal angular table Working surfaceW×L 320x620mm
Max. swiveling around longitudinal axis(X) and cross axis(Y) ±30°
swiveling around vertical axis(Z) 360°

No.80, change gear quadrant(with dividing head for spiral milling )

No.81, Feed box of vertical milling head

No.93,diameter of drilling collets hole φ1-13mm
No.97, spring collets with double-taper and collets chuck diameter of collets hole φ4-26mm
Model JXT16-40 milling chuck φ4-16mm
Short milling arbor    diameter of diameter φ16,22,27,32mm
Upper guard

Anti-vibration mounting pad

Digital display unit

The above-mentioned special is not provided with main machine , please state in details of your requirement in the contract
Remarks:X8140universal milling machine is usually fitted with SONY digital position readout system magnescale computer series, the feature of which are as follows:
Digital display with green LED for 3-axis
Key board entry and audio feedback
Relocation of datum point
Absolute/incremental coordinate display
Inch/mm selection
Preset function
Touch sensor function
Alarm function
Selectable calculate direction
Selectable resolution(0.001/0.002/0.005/0.01mm)
Display of diameter
Remote reset switch
Mechanical error compensation

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